My Track Mixes

My Track Mixes

Sunshine of your love – Fortunate Sons – Manchester 2010

Bob Marley’s “Is this Love”- Dub Remix – Manchester 2010

Φτιάξε καρδιά μου το δικό σου παραμύθι – Make your own story, my heart – Remake – Rethymno of Greece 2009

My Favourite SoundCloud Mixes

Dook Dootson “The Art of Song”- Recorded and mixed at 3Khz studio in August 2011

Stuart Hudson “Drag Queen”- Recorded and mixed at 3KHz studio in Summer 2010

Roisin Mary “This Old Town”-Recorded at Futureworks Studio in Summer 2009 by 3KHz

Tom Rylance feat. Dook Dootson “Annie”-Recorded and mixed at 3Khz studio in Winter 2010

James Neal “WLTM”- Recorded and mixed at Futureworks SSL studio in 2008 by 3KHz

Stuart Hudson “Welcome Home”- Recorded and mixed in September 2011 by 3KHz

Snow by Dayspired

Delicate Steve “The Ballad of Speck and Pebble” by poxod

Juk Juk – Winter Turn Spring (TEXT012) by Four Tet


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