Rhodes, neat vacation

Every visit to Rhodes offers me great opportunities to forget my past and future. I enjoy every moment and every single feature of this place. The wind caresses skin with tenderness, the sun embraces and heats up body boldly, and the waves’ sound calms mind and spirit with tranquility. Green occupies much space of the city roads, and myriad cats wander, sleep, and loll all over the place. There is nothing to worry. You can easily find good food and drink, clean sea, a seat in a quiet or a noisy café –depending on your preference. You can enjoy your time with your company or just by yourself. A nice way for someone to be incorporated into this dreamy world is to listen carefully to anything or anyone that talks to them, from wind’s blowing or old buildings’ silence to people’s words or  birds’ chirping. The combination of the old and new town, and of ancient ruins and neoclassical residences contributes to sights’ diversity.

Read the history of the island briefly http://bit.ly/o5WNYD

Greece is a blessed land, who could deny this? Every island, city and village is unique. Let’s support the freedom of our land.


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