Three women meet Happiness

The road

Three women were travelling when suddenly they saw a large pit on the road. Looking at the pit they discovered that Happiness was trapped in it. The first woman became excited seeing Happiness and said:
– Happiness, I want you to make me beautiful.
At once she transformed into a very beautiful woman, so she left being happy.

The second woman, also being excited, said:

– Happiness, I want you to make me rich.
At once a bag full of gold and diamonds appeared in front of her, and the woman grabbed it and left being happy.
The third woman was just looking at the scene and she did not say anything, so Happiness, through the pit, asked her:
– Tell me, what do you want me to give you?
The woman leaned over, extended her hand and said:
– Give me your hand, and she just pulled Happiness out  from the pit.
Then the woman went over her way, and Happiness smiled and followed her.

We may believe that physical commodities and goods indicate Happiness, but True, Everlasting Happiness calls for us to be just Humans. Ok, we all can understand it very easily, but actually very few people can put it into practice. Just be grateful for everything in our lives and maybe this can reinforce our Humanity.


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