Grateful for the Semester

The Semester comes to the end in a month from now, and we have a lot of work to do. Some of it looks very pleasant to me and some looks the opposite. But all the work must be done and completed as soon as possible, so as not to be in a hurry at the last moment.

Two days ago we formally presented our Research Plans and Results for the AAV Research Methods Module, and it was a quite stressfull experience, as many of the students had to speak in front of an audience in a different language for the first time. Every group had prepared something interesting and their presentations were educational. At the end, we all seemed to be relieved and on our toes to relax. I hope tutors also enjoyed the procedure and our appearance, too.

The whole semester was very constructive and productive until now. Most of the tutors really helped us and continue to help us, and even if the time that we had to do our work was restricted, things went – and hopefully they will continue to go – very well, thanks to many factors, but mainly thanks to people (tutors, students, personnel) that support us.

Writing individually for every Module, I will start with Digital Studio Production. We handed over two assignments until now, a Dub Mix accompanied with a Technical Report and a Mic Quality‘ s Research Scientific Paper. Now we are working on a 5.1 and stereo mix of one song that we have recorded with our group. We have also done two location recordings, so that they will demonstrate  the surround technique. This module is considered (to me always) as empirical and laborious, with many hours of individual work in the studios, study and searching on web.

The creation of this blog is due to Social Media‘s Module, that introduced us in many new to me options of internet. We have planned our Strategy for the final assignment, which in my case, is about the promotion of the unprecedented 3D Sound Sphere. This module is considered as entertaining and comprehensive, helping us to be able to promote our proffesional profiles in future.

Aim of the AAV Research Methods is to help us understand the way assignments must be written, as well to prepare us for the writing of Course’s final Project. As it is referred above, we have already conducted the presentation of our group’s experiment topic, which in my case is the Selective Attention on the Auditory System, and we are writing now the Scientific Paper upon this topic. This module introduced us in Statistical Methods, Programms and Analysis. It was theoretical, and it indicated team play and organisational skills.

The last Module, Sound Synthesis, calls us to generate audio synthesis based on two completed animation videos, that declare schools of the University, and to do research on issues such as Music Perception, Midi Instruments and Sound Synthesis Terminology and Methods.  This module is the hardest one for me, as I was not able to be helped by its lectures and I need to do a lot of work by myself. I consider it as difficult and remote. However I will do my best in order to manage a good result in its assignment.

Good Luck to all of us!

The Newton Building of the Salford University


4 thoughts on “Grateful for the Semester

  1. Good luck to you too Margiori! Lovely blog and full of encouraging and positive thinking…. I think we all need a dose of that now and again!
    You take care and all the best to you and your loved ones back home, have a wonderful xmas and a happy 2011!
    Gracias por todo amiga mia!

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