Welcome 3D Sound Sphere

3D Sound Sphere is an audio reproduction system with multiple speakers arranged spherically, where sound transmission is centripetal and listening point is the center of a ball. As a result, listener lies on a sound environment of perfect symmetry.

Once it had been accomplished, operated and listened by its constructors, they did become very impressed. So, the only thing that had left to do was to find out what other people would think about it. 3DSS construction was presented at the 1rst Hellenic Patent Exhibition in Athens, on November 24, 2010, and it approves that this application has a lot of audio interest. By the end of exhibition, the inventors were determined that 3D Sound Sphere can offer too many perspectives in music and sound reproduction area. Thereby, the achievement of their goal added up to more purposes.

The purpose now is economic benefits to be obtained and Sound Sphere‘s commercial application to be established. After it happens, investors or grants can be found to expand Sound Sphere universally.

The inventors ask for investors or European grants so as this application to be developed quickly, and if a company is interested to buy this patent, proprietors are ready to negotiate.
This Sound Sphere patent belongs to Pavlos Tripodakis (pavlostripodakis@gmail.com), after deposition of his technical report  in the Industrial Property Organisation (OBI) of Greece, and soon his copyright will be international.

Some companies got seriously interested in the utilisation of Sound Shere.

1. The sound equipment of Sphere was exclusively sponsored by the Greek Association of Audiovisual Equipment Elina SA, as it foresaw many perspectives in its application.

2. Sound Sphere was asked to participate in Christmas events at Technopolis (Gazi) in Athens- industrial museum and a major cultural venue.

3. Greek Mega tv channel asked to do a live broadcast with Sound Sphere.

4. Greek cinema Village is going to utilise it in order to play movie trailers.

Reactions and comments from listeners of Sound Sphere approve that people ask for an application like this. It was strongly expressed the desire to combine this experience with image. This three-dimensional sound reproduction can be combined with animation and video, and create a powerful audiovisual experience. The application can be served to play Films’ Trailers if it is accombanied by a video screen.
This H-D audiovisual reproduction refers to movie theaters or places that carefree people resort (e.g. shopping centers), as the original structure can be transported and assembled easily and quickly. Visitors will be able to experience Videos intensely, quickly and inexpensively. It enables quick renewal of audience (in 120 minutes 350 to 400 people can watch 3-minute audiovisual material).

The fact that Sound Sphere emits variable high quality audio stimuli from all directions around listener opens major challenges for research. A demonstration of Sound Sphere will take place soon, presented to Cardiologist and Music Therapist Thanassis Dritsas, who is a member of the American Society of Music Therapy (AMTA) and the International Society for Music in Medicine (ISME), in order to identify any music and sound therapeutic prospects.

Spiros Banos, who was student of classical composer Yannis Ioannidis, was impressed of listening to one of his compositions in Sound Sphere and he said “Audio Sphere provides the ability to produce music as I imagine it, without the constraints of gravity”. Thus he began writting a new classical piece based on 3D Sound Sphere, imagining that a band surrounds listener!

Professors of Music Technology and Professional Sound were surprised by the sound effect of Sound Sphere. Some listeners’ comments are “Pioneering!”, “I want to experience it with images”,” It is like a Dolby Surround cinema”, “New experience”, “I travelled in it”, “Awesome”, “I want it in my house” (me too my dear).

The attached loudspeakers on Sound Sphere (that are sponsored by Elina SA) are: 10 Genelec 8030A and 2 Subwoofer Genelec 7050B, all of them of active type.

For those who have not watched yet the pre-exhibition video on YouTube: http://bit.ly/ea1J2a

A new video about the story of 3D Sound Sphere from its conception to its application and its commercial success.


6 thoughts on “Welcome 3D Sound Sphere

  1. Another superb blog here! What a fantastic development and how many uses for such technology! I’m amazed by how even the medical community has expressed an interest in this sphere and its potential benefits for future treatments. I would love to be inside one of those spheres and listen to sounds of nature, like the sort of sounds I miss so much from my country, specially when it is about to rain and you can hear all the birds, frogs, insects and others, singing and giving their own version of a concert or sounds from the jungle in my country, near the Brazilian Pantanal, where you can hear monkeys, tapirs, pumas, jaguars, wild hogs, hundreds of birds, rheas and so many large animals.
    This is now I think in one of my 10 things I want to do before I die’s list, hahaha, seriously though!

  2. You are so lucky as you have been in the jungle and listened to those amazing sounds! I can not even imagine the soundscape overthere! For me, this is one of the things I really want to do, to have a trip into the wild nature.
    Thank you for your positive comments!

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