The Power of a 3D Sound Sphere

3D Sound Sphere was released at the first Hellenic Patent Exhibition in Athens on November 24rth, 2010. Pavlos Tripodakis and Giorgios Konstantinidis are the pioneers of this construction. More than 3.500 people witnessed this 3DSS experience during those three days of exposure of Sphere to the public, from 24/11 to 28/11.
The application of 3D Sound Sphere represents the idea of global centripetal audio transmission. It is inspired by sphere’s geometric shape. The creation of this application resolved one significant question: As humans are able to listen to three dimensions, how would they listen if they were in the center of a sound ball?

An optional questionnaire with 3 questions was given to the audience after getting out of Sound Sphere, for statistical purposes. Its questions and results are presented below:

Have you experienced this before?

➩  99.9% answered NO

Grade the experience : too bad, bad, good, very good

➩  90% answered VERY GOOD

Would you like to have the same experience in the near future?

➩  95% answered YES

The construction consists of 10 full range loudspeakers and 2 subwoofers placed symmetrically onto four global axis’ Sphere. Listeners sit in the middle of Sphere. Eight of the full range loudspeakers are all around listeners, one above them, and the last one below them. The two subwoofers are also below listeners. All loudspeakers’ diagraphms look at listeners. Some of the photos at the end of this post show some loudspeakers’ position. More detailed outline will be revealed within coming days.

Paul Tripodakis, who inspired the construction says: “One can totally enjoy sound!”. I would explain it like this: when you are in the Sphere and reproduced sounds are pleasant to you (for the exhibition’s purposes a number of 10.2 sound tracks were synthesised on Max MSP Software by Giorgios Konstantinidis), it is like when you eat something delicious and your mouth is full and you really feel the pleasure of taste. One comment by a listener is: “Finally my ears did see“. Some other comments by students who suffer from deafness and hearing loss: “I have trouble hearing, I liked the feeling of sound on my feet” and “It is good for deaf and hard-hearing people like us to hear and feel music”. That is why Sound Sphere is planned to be upgraded into a synchronized with the vibrations of bass sound system. A composer of classical music, after asking to listen to one of his songs in Sound Sphere, decided to compose a 10.2 classical song especially for this construction. He believes that Sound Sphere opens new listening aspects in humans hearing capability.

All of the people seemed to enjoy this experience, and especially children, as many of them did not even want to go out. Specifically, one female child stayed into Sphere listening carefully for three hours! As photos below show, people of all ages entered into Sound Sphere and many of them closed their eyes impulsively during their listening experience. This is quite important, as nobody asked them to do so and it was an act that even children and old people did! Enjoy the photos …and maybe you could imagine for a while that you are in a 3DSS!


3 thoughts on “The Power of a 3D Sound Sphere

  1. Amazing concept and work from both of them. I would like to be into a sound sphere.
    very educational and entertainning experience..I will search for more information on their work!great job!

    thabk you for sharing.

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