Social Media’s Impact in AV Indusry

Audiovisual (AV) industry involves a wide range of applications. Hardware equipment like Displays, Projector Screens, Projection Lamps, Sound Systems, Remote Control Systems, Speakers, Theatre Systems, AV Furniture [1]; public  projection of motion pictures buildings and media like Movie/Picture/Film Theaters, Cinemas, Television; film related professions and industries like Film Producers, Film Studios, Film Festivals, Screenwriters, Film Directors, Anime Designers, Actors, Film Personnel; software  content like Movies, Advertisements, Animation Films, Documentaries and Music Clips.

If someone wants to describe Social Media’s influence in AV industry quantitatively and  qualitatively must use proficient tools. However a short description can take place with the help of some published articles. All the above AV applications are being marked in social media platforms, thus people are being affected from other people’s comments and opinions. Social media led consumers in a friendly exchange of information and advice and this has made consumers more up-to-date than years ago, as well,  after some time, dedicated in research upon their product of interest, they have also become more selective [2].

From hardware equipment aspect, as internet sales are rising and their prices are much lower than those of retailers, the latest ones and  many manufacturing industries that deny to sell their products on line, are losing costumers [3]. From Film Theaters and Cinemas aspect they are in a rough position also, as people are able to watch a wide range of films and download current films free of charge via net, as a result cinemas tickets’ sales to be decreasing in the last years [4]. Televison is being affected as well, as viewers have the opportunity to attend IP TV programs or the uploaded-on-net content of classic TV. Continuing, AV industry proffesionals are not considered to be any more so far away from “ordinary” people, as nowadays common people are participating  in AV products, taking part in User’s Generated Content Videos as actors, producers, designers, screenwriters etc [5].

The last aspect, which is the AV content, I think is the most important and complex one. User’s Generated Content (UGC) Videos and Video on Demand (VoD) Systems offer the opportunity to consumers to be also producers, stars, and generally to change old media’s passive attitude to new media’s active. Through Digital Social Media, AV content is being affected: 1. It does not depend only on a limited number of proffesionals, but on a much bigger number of amateurs 2. It is not so predictible, with a formal line, but it has become unexpected and some times surprising, 3. UGC can be found in every AV kind of product, for example as  movies, series, music clips, documentaries, informative clips, 4. The time of attendance is not any more specific (opposite to old times where all the family was watching loving series on TV, gathered on living room’s coach) and can run as many times as the audience wants. 5. The boundaries between information, commerce, entertainment and content are more blured. 6. More people participate in cultural impact of current times and the peoples’ acquired attitude is becoming more and more multi-cultural and diversing, 6. Information and opportunities about any interest are inceasing, 7. Different aspects of the same object/event are being presented 8. Control over the AV content is shrinking, 9. New production platforms are  evolving 10. People all over the wolrd are developing reletionships as if they belonged to a closed community [5].

Main sequence of all the above I believe that is a dashing and not-presumptive change into the future social and cultural people’s awareness and consciousness.


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[5] Dijck, J. (2009), ‘Users like you? Theorizing agency in user-generated content’, Media, Culture & Society, 31(1): 41-58


4 thoughts on “Social Media’s Impact in AV Indusry

  1. Hey, this is fantastic, I liked because it is something I also tried to cover and you are giving some really good points of view and your writing is more realistical than mine, more tangible rather than abstract, which is the case with me. Excellent blog!

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