Short Videos in my own professional practice

Many opportunities for bringing forward my professional work reveal when the utilisation of video takes place.  Especially short-form videos, that easily and without big effort can be shared through the network of social media and digital devices. That means short-form videos are more likely to be watched by a big amount of people (and of every age). That happens not only because of the snap transfer, but also of the little time they demand from the viewer and the less possibilities someone to get bored.

In case I would like to create a short-time video for my professional practice, my aim would be to corporate with a video/film producer. Together, exchanging ideas and inspirations, we would have the great opportunity both of us to highlight our creativity and professional capability. My suggestion would be to begin a story telling just using and merging his/her images and my sounds. There would be no words on this story-like video and we would attempt to keep the viewer’s interest dividing it into quite short parts. A part could be published every week in our professional webpage, including humour, emotion and entertainment, and at the end of every part the watcher should have a query and a spoonful of wonder. Episodes could last approximately 3 minutes and the whole story around 3 hours. We could also work on documentary films, music video clips, kid’s films, and all of them detached in short length episodes. The quality of this work would probably be professional and we should attempt to import inovative and interactive elements [1].

Video sharing web sites like My space, YouTube, Vimeo, veoh, Vodpop, 3GP, Boing Boing Video would accept the uploading of these short time videos, and the whole videos could be uploaded later on IP TVs like, crackle, Hulu, and why not? MTv Music television. One possible idea would be to record a how-this-film-was-created short video in order it to be uploaded also on a number of video sharing platforms, revealing some “secrets” (one good website for this is the Creative Catalyst Production Inc.,where art instruction videos are accepted). Intention would also be our videos to be capable to play on iPods, iPhones, TiVo and a wide range of Mobile Devices.   Of course, they would be twittered, linked and promoting on Facebook , LinkedIn, XING’ , Boooom, Viadeo and other social platforms, attempting to achieve a position into the viral videos. One important point would also be  for us to be careful to utilisε suitable keywords and  terms for tagging our video files in order they to be able to be found easily and quickly by searchers [2]. During this video-handling period we would measure the views of our films on the websites and the traffic on our own website, using Google Analytics, Piwik, Omniture, Lyrics HQ Web Analytics, Webtrends [3], as well the number of followers on social platforms.

In these multi-dimensional and multi-informative times that people are running through, I think there have too few fresh things left to be pioneered from someone and that the attention of the audience can be attracted just with simple and good works.


[1] Jones, R. (2009), ‘Developing a Social Media Stragedy’, Search Engine Watch, 101, Part 1

[2] Search Engine Optimization -SEO- Company (2008), ‘What is a Tag?’, on website <> [accessed 21/11/2010]

[3] Search Engine Optimization company (2010), ‘Tools To Evaluate & Measure Website Traffic’, on Pimp My Keywords website <> [accessed 21/11/2010]


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